Runs with Twins initiative

What it is and how it works

Runs with Twins was born as a project of exchanging twin cities runners delegations, and then it has been extended to global initiative for friendship and cooperation of twin cities through running and exchanging runners delegations, traveling and socializing.

The concept is pretty simple: twin cities are establishing runners delegations, delegation of one city visits its twin and participates in the twin race, and then the other city and its delegation returns the visit. Each exchange is called Runs with Twins project!

Citizens representing cities, equally women and men

Delegations are selected through qualifying competitions. Winners gets into delegation, as well as the luckiest participants selected through lottery ! Every city/country citizen has a chance to represent the city !

Running, traveling and socializing

Runs with Twins participates and organizes events and competitions, meets mayors, ambassadors and presidents for the audience, as well as other supporters and patrons. We arrange twin visits, organize joint trainings, city tours, excursions and other activities ! We do enable citizens to get in touch with twin citizens !

Spreading the idea → friendship and cooperation

Runs with Twins actively and directly empowers, encourages and promotes the idea of town twinning, international relations, friendship and cooperation of people, twin cities and nations, tourism, healthy lifestyle, running, sports recreation and involving youth.

Town twinning to citizens

Runs with Twins connects people, cities and nations through running !

It revitalizes and brings town twinning closer to citizens, and enables citizens to experience it !

Runs with Twins projects



Organization history

Runs with Twins has been invented in 2015 by Zoran Kalinić and then developed and started in 2018 through the cooperation with Sports and recreation association In Motu. Runs with Twins organization has been registered in 2019.

Organization data
Original name Društvo sportske rekreacije Trčanja s pobratimima
Shortened name Trčanja s pobratimima
Original name in English Sports and recreation association Runs with Twins
Shortened name in English Runs with Twins
Address Radićevo šetalište 31, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Registration date 23.V.2019
MB 5113806
OIB 17830070544
Non-profit organization 0431378
IBAN HR0325030071110002972


Runs with Twins

Radićevo šetalište 31, Zagreb, HR-10000, Croatia

+385 98 234 204